Video Leader Guide

Select a video to have playing as children enter the Large Group room. Videos are under Resources on the top menu bar.

Have Small Group leaders greet the children as they enter the Large Group room and engage them in a game or conversation until time for Large Group to begin.

Hello, everyone! Can you imagine living in a boat with hundreds of animals for about a year? Well, in the Bible, Noah and his family did! Now, let’s begin our video and see what Chris, Joy and Gizmo are up to in today’s Superbook adventure called “Noah and the Ark.”

Play Video 2: Chris and Joy’s Dilemma (4 minutes)

Chris and Joy are excited about skipping school and hanging out with a gang of tough skateboarders who don’t follow the rules.

SuperTruth and Discussion (2 minutes)

Why do you think Chris and Joy are so impressed with Pearce?

Why won’t they listen to Gizmo’s concerns?

Our SuperTruth today says: “By faith, I will obey God.” Whatever God says, we need to obey. This isn’t always easy, especially when we don’t fully understand why He is asking us to do something or how we are to do it. God told Noah that a flood was coming—something that had never been seen before. Even though many years would pass before the flood took place, Noah believed every word God spoke and obeyed God by faith. Let’s say our SuperTruth together again. “By faith, I will obey God.”

Let’s finish our video and find out what happens!

Play Video 3: Bible Story and Resolution (20 minutes)

Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo back in time to meet Noah—the only righteous person in an evil world. He obeys God by building a huge boat on dry land, even though there is no sign of rain. Noah, his family, and Earth’s animals are all saved from the worldwide flood. The children learn that in troubled times, God will care for those who trust Him.

Play video 10A: SuperVerse Graphic 1

Graphic loops 3 minutes without audio; turn off or freeze video after children repeat verse.

SuperVerse Discussion (1 minute)

Let’s say our SuperVerse together. Hebrews 11:7a:

It was by faith that Noah built a large boat to save his family from the flood. He obeyed God, who warned him about things that had never happened before.

God warned Noah of a coming event many years before it happened. The only way Noah could have believed this is by faith in God. He knew that when God spoke, he should believe it and act on it!

Children will have more time to learn the SuperVerse in Small Group.

Prayer and Send-Off (1 minute)

Before we move to our Small Groups, let’s pray. God, we thank You that there is one thing we can always trust to be true: Your Word. Strengthen our faith to believe Your Word, so that we can do the things that You would have us do. In Jesus’ name, Amen.  

Let’s go to our Small Group where you will play a game and help Noah take the pairs of animals into the ark.

Teachers take children to Small Group classes for Grades 1–3 and 4–6. If the combined group is small, all children may stay together for Small Group time.