Video Leader Guide

Select a video to have playing as children enter the Large Group room. Videos are under Resources on the top menu bar.

Have Small Group leaders greet the children as they enter the Large Group room and engage them in a game or conversation until time for Large Group to begin.

Welcome (1 minute)

Welcome back for the last lesson of our Superbook adventure, “Noah and the Ark.” Let’s all stand up and sing The Salvation Poem. As we sing, let’s think of how God fulfilled His wonderful promise to send a Savior to save us, forgive our sins, give us new life, and fill us with the power to live for Him!   

Play Video 7: The Salvation Poem (3 minutes)

Be sure to preview the song so you can sing along with the children.

SuperTruth and Discussion (3 minutes)

Our SuperTruth for today is: “God always keeps His promises.” Let’s say it together!

For those of you who were here last time: What promise did God give Noah?

Can several of you name other promises God gives us in the Bible?

We can trust that God will fulfill every promise in the Bible—either here on Earth or up in heaven! Turn to the person next to you and whisper the SuperTruth!

Now let’s all shout the SuperTruth together! “God always keeps His promises.”

Introduce Condensed Bible Story (1 minute)

If most or all children watched the Bible story video in a previous lesson, omit it here and go straight to the SuperVerse.

Now, for the children who haven’t seen our Bible story yet, we are going to watch a short version of the video. If you’ve already seen the video of “Noah and the Ark,” look for the answer to this bonus question that will be asked in Small Group time: Did the flood waters only come from the sky?  

Play Video 4: Condensed Bible Story (9 minutes)

Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo back in time to meet Noah—the only righteous person in an evil world. He obeys God by building a huge boat on dry land, even though there is no sign of rain. Noah, his family, and Earth’s animals are all saved from the worldwide flood. The children learn that in troubled times, God will care for those who trust Him.

Play Video 10C: SuperVerse Graphic 3 (3 minutes)

Graphic loops 3 minutes without audio; freeze or turn off video after children repeat verse.

SuperVerse Discussion (2 minutes)

Our SuperVerse, Genesis 9:14–15, says:

“When I send clouds over the earth, the rainbow will appear in the clouds, and I will remember My covenant with you and with all living creatures. Never again will the floodwaters destroy all life.”

Since the SuperVerse is long, we will break it up into three parts. Let’s have the girls say the first part, ending with the words “in the clouds.” The boys will say the second part, ending with the word “creatures.” Then everyone will shout the last sentence together. Are you ready? Go!

That was awesome—especially when everyone shouted together!

God spoke this powerful promise to Noah and his family after they were on dry land following the flood. This promise was not only for them, but for all of Noah’s descendants, including us! God said that when a rainbow appeared in the clouds, it would be a reminder of the covenant or promise God made. So, whenever you see a rainbow, remember that God always keeps His promises!    

Children will have more time to learn the SuperVerse in Small Group. Younger children may not be able to memorize the entire SuperVerse. They may simply repeat it several times, while older children may memorize part or all of it. Be sure all children understand its meaning.

Introduce Signposts Video (1 minute)

Let’s watch our Signposts Video now to see how the events in the life of Noah pointed to the life of Jesus Christ.

Play Video 6: Signposts Video (4 minutes)

Prayer and Send-Off (2 minutes)

Let’s pray before we move to our Small Groups to continue learning about Noah. 

Dear God, thank You for the countless promises You have made to Your people throughout time. You have never forgotten or broken one of them! Help us to trust in Your Word because You are always faithful. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!   

Today in Small Group, we are going to play a game about flood waters getting higher and lower. Let’s go see what this game is all about!          

Teachers take children to Small Group classes for Grades 1–3 and 4–6. If the combined group is small, all children may stay together for Small Group time.