Available courses

Who's in Control?
Regent University

Discover the differences between learner and program control and how best to implement them in e-learning.

Music Theory for All Middle School Learners
Regent University

This course focuses on how middle school educators can effectively incorporate blended learning in their classrooms, conforming to the Virginia Standards of Learning Fine Arts Strands for Music Education.

No Nerding Allowed: How to Speak and not Sound Like a Geek
Regent University

Explaining technical ideas to non-technical people can be grueling for everyone. Here are ten ways to explain technology without talking about the technology.

ETEC 525 Final Project
Regent University
This instructional series will demonstrate ten tips and tricks easily incorporated into Moodle LMS to make courses interactive and engaging.
Articulate 360

This course demonstrates how an Articulate 360 SCORM package functions within Moodle LMS. This sample course depicts a fictitious Hansel & Petal Franchisee Orientation.

eMAM Basic Training

Learn the basics of navigating Empress eMAM through this video-based ten-module course.

Learning to Share

At Quantum labs Gizmo and his robot pals, Widget, Rig, and Gears have some silly adventures and learn life lessons along the way with the help of the Robotics Intern Miss Tina.

Noah and the Ark

Chris and Joy are excited to skip school and hang out with a gang of demanding skateboarders. Superbook takes Chris, Joy, and Gizmo to meet Noah, the only righteous person in an evil world.

Moodle Course

The purpose and goal of the Flexible Activity Completion Tracking App (FACT) are to provide a unified way to complete instructional activities outside the learning management completion tracking system for the instructor and learner.